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Re: Discovered a great resource for NEX owners

I've really never understood how something like a camera system can be the cause of so much hostility. Its often like religion, politics or supporting a football team. I imagine its something to do with what we buy being some kind of personal statement and when someone criticises our purchasing choices, we personalise it and see it as a criticism of ourselves.

I've used a LOT of cameras over the years and the more time goes on the less difference I see in terms of what they actually produce. Someone on another forum, rightly in my view, wrote that over a certain price point, there aren't any "bad" cameras and its all down to what you want, how it suits what you want to do and whether the handling, layout etc, feels comfortable and easy to work with.

I've never seen it as m4/3 v NEX or Nikon v Canon, I've used all these systems and for me they have their virtues and failings. And just because they produce a camera I like thats no guarantee that they will continue to do that.

I often write on my blog that differences are exaggerated, no system is perfect, and under most circumstances its perfectly possible to use virtually any camera system that has certain basic requirements to produce good work.

I've never seen the constant upgrading of products and the ever evolving nature of digital camera systems as a problem, or indeed a threat. I take great pleasure in being able to use different systems. Fortunately I'm in a position to be able to do that and thats what I write about.

I like what Sony have come up with currently, but I didn't always feel that way and depending on what they release I use m4/3, then I don't, then I do again. I'm not wedded to any system for life and I enjoy the experience that each of them can bring. The dogma and blind allegiance that some (fortunately a few) exhibit is disappointing and as I said not something I can readily understand.

The last thing I wanted to do was to close down comments on my blog, but I just wasn't prepared to tolerate the level of insulting abuse that was arriving. Its sad that people feel so threatened by the existence of alternatives that they feel they have to do that. Particularly when what I write isn't intended as any definitive opinion, but as an entertaining way to enjoy photography and the gear that creates it.

It's really too bad that people get so emotional about one system that they feel they have to do everything in their power to ruin it for users of any other system. I'm sure there are zealots on both sides of the aisle, but I guess I'm only exposed to the m43 trolls here on this forum. It can really start to feel like I'm in the minority in regards to having chosen the NEX over m43, even though there may only be 10 or so of those m43 trolls causing problems here.

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