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feather detail?

gnagel wrote:

I asked him if he was concerned about the moire issue--particularly given his interest in wildlife photography (and feather detail).

The simple fact is that there is no real possibility of moire on an image of a natural (as opposed to a "man-made") object. Yes, feathers, fur, waves, snow, sand, some rock surface, and on and on can all have some "regular pattern" by the popular definition of a "regular pattern", but none of those can have a pattern that will be, over a visibly noticeable area on the image plane, aligned very, very closely but not perfectly, with the pattern of the image sensing elements. And that is what is required for the moire phenomenon to appear.

I predict that the welcome arrival of two cameras with the only difference of the presence or absence of moire-fighting, resolution-impeding device will result in general recognition that moire is a much overestimated problem, but also in the the wider acceptance of photographs with some residual moire effect. It may well be that many of those that will opt for the "E" version will never rally print an image at the size where that last milligram of resolution will make a difference, but it is also very likely that even more of those that get the "conventional" model will never photograph an object that wold result in a photograph that must be post-processed or rejected because of moire. The manufacturer of the two models has apparently mis-estimated the initial demand for the "E" version. It will be interesting to see if the ratio of the two models' sold units changes back to what Nikon's original estimate was after the two have been in use for a year or so.

I predict that it will not.


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