Another reason why G1X is a BAD DEAL...

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As a consumer

We don't care about how much it cost for a T3i "in the past".

That is the main reason why many people or several reviews have mentioned that G1X is overprice (compare to other choices).

When the G1X's price drop to $599 (or at least less than $699), the sales and popularity may increase (if no other alternative appears in the market).

VadymA wrote:

You are comparing a camera that has just been released to a camera that has been on the market for just about a year. At the time of release, the T3i setup you mentioned was probably close to $1,300+ instead of $800. So the comparison is not really fair.

And since you persistently call G1 X as P&S (which it is not in my opinion), why don't you compare it to other P&S's on the market and decide whether IQ is worth additional $400? People buy P&S because they need P&S, not a DSLR. Average advanced P&S with small sensor is sold for about $400. G1 X is packed with advanced features and significantly larger sensor. Does it worth anything? Maybe $200, huh? That makes it $600. One year from now we may very well see brand new G1 X at this price on eBay. So what's the problem?

I bought a Prius Hybrid few years ago because I wanted a compact hybrid even though I paid for it more than I could pay for a large SUV. According to your logic I should have bought an SUV. If life was that simple we would all be driving the same type of car. But we don't. Same with cameras. What's BAD for you may be SUPER GOOD for million people.

I am not defending G1 X, I just think your logic is so subjective to your personal preferences that you should have specified in your post that the reason that makes G1 X a bad deal is specifically attributable TO YOU and not to everyone else. Than you would receive a ton of positive replies with cheerful words of encouragement and everyone would be your friend here.

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