Another reason why G1X is a BAD DEAL...

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Re: Why not? It's a forum after all.

Go buy a dslr. Please. The G1 X is not for you.

Then, after you have owned a nice dslr kit for a few years you will realize that you really like the IQ it gives you, and you just won't be able to stomach a carry-round camera that has a small sensor and the IQ that comes with it.

And then you will realize why those of us who already have a dslr sytem are not interested in buying another system, but want a simple, jacket-pocketable camera that we can bring anywhere that still gives dslr quality.

We don't give a frack about its many and varied shortcomings compared to a dslr system. We have a dslr system for whenever the shot calls for it. I do NOT want another system to deal with. I don't want interchangeable lenses to carry around.

I want a compact camera that will allow me to take a wonderful image of opportunity with enough IQ so I can post process it easily and print it large. I know enough about photography that I can wring what I need out of the right camera for most situations. And this G1 X looks like it might be capable enough to be that camera.

This camera is for people with my needs, evidently not for people with your needs. If I did not already have a full dslr kit, there is no way I would buy this camera. This. is. a. camera. for. people. who. do. not. want. a whole. system.

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