Nex 7 from B&H shipped

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Re: Nice to deal with a reputable company, isn't it? (nt)

B&H has changed. When I shop the store, I always request a 'pristine' box.
No dents on the corners, etc. I want something from the middle of the skid.
The last few times I got dent boxes on the first try.

Of course I asked for pristine boxes and waited and up came a 'good' box to replace the 'dented' box.

This will not stop my shoping at B&H but I will always ask for a 'pristine' box for whatever I am buying.

They are like the newstand that places any ripped or uneven paper on the top of the pile to sell them first, even though the newstand will get credit for unsold papers.

It is like the sales clerk that gives you ripped, torn, taped, bills for change instead of giving them to the bank which would lead to their removal from circulation.

I guess it is human nature.

B&H instruct your floor crews to send up pristine boxes first.

May sound trivial but who wants an item that may have been dropped, etc.

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