Thinking of going pro?....err're crazy!

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Re: My story!

Right on, Tom!

I started as a hobbyist, which led to people offering me money to take photos. It hasn't replaced the day job (yet???), but it's far more rewarding right now.

"Get off my lawn!" old pros really rub me the wrong way. You're competing in the real world of 2012. Adapt or get out.

As for the "amateur" shooters who are sometimes at my side when I'm shooting, a) I'm always willing to chat and share my knowledge (and I might even learn something, too!).

As for those amateurs who have nice gear, too, so what? As I read on a blog somewhere: when someone hears you're a photog, they say, "You must have some really good equipment"....but when someone serves you a great meal, nobody gushes, "You must have a really good stove!" The equipment helps, but you need to know what to do with it.

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