SmugMug and accounting issues

Started Feb 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: SmugMug and accounting issues

Thanks...spent an hour with the CPA today...they know numbers like I know words and pictures. So we sorted it all out, entered into QuickBooks, and reconciled the bank account through 12/31/11. CPA consult will cost more than the sales tax due, but it's worth it to keep on the good side of my state revenue department.

I have my SmugMug set to deliver directly to customers...they collect sales tax on the total sales price, but not the shipping cost, so my accountant just has me ignore the shipping charges entirely and only worry about the sales price, the item cost, and SmugMug's 15% of profit.

Would be a heckuva lot easier if I didn't have the day job competing for my time...but the day job is still 99% of my income right now.

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