rude sales from B and H?

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George Westson New Member • Posts: 3
Re: To axelhi:

I agree with B & H's rude customer service. I had the displeasure of dealing with Patrick in regards to purchasing some Nikon glass. He didn't seem to have the time of day for a customer spending over $4K in glass. His arrogance and utter lack of respect led me to purchase my Nikon 24-70 & Nikon 70-200 at the same time from Adorama. They were very attentive and provided me the service I did not receive from B & H. It's a shame because after reading about B & H's reputation I was shocked to deal with an arrogant, condescending know it all. I know my purchase is in way going to effect their bottom line, but Adorama will get all of business from this day forward.....including the two D4 bodies I intend on purchasing before months end.

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