GXR - NEX7 with CV 35mm f2.5 Test

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Richard Frederick
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GXR - NEX7 with CV 35mm f2.5 Test

I am probably going to to regret this, but here goes. I received my NEX-7 the other day and ran some quick and dirty comparisons with it and the GXR M module. One set of "tests" involved a 35mm (50mm equiv.) lens and both cameras.

Initial images were shot in RAW and processed into TIFFs. The NEX-7 images were down sampled in PS to the GXR pixel dimensions.

Two crops were made from each image, in the approximate center and left edge. An effort was made to keep the pixel dimensions of the cropped images close to the same.

All exposures were at f8.0 and focus at infinity.

I have does similar tests using a CV 15mm Hellar and Nikon reflex lenses of 19mm and 35mm.

I am posting this for general interest, and I certainly understand that this is not a scientific test. I didn't even use a tripod.

The images posted are JPG files, saved at a PS quality level of 8.

Image below is the whole scene - GXR. 1200 X 800 pixels:

Next is the scene, NEX-7. 1200 X 800 pixels:

Next is a center crop of the GXR image (876 X 584 pixels):

Next, a center crop from the NEX-7 (840 X 560 pixels):

Next an edge crop from the GXR (888 X 592 pixels):

And finally an edge crop from the NEX-7 (860 X 573 pixels):

Even in these small images the difference in quality is obvious. It appears that, as reported, unless I have a bad copy, the NEX-7 does not handle rangefinder lenses well. I have no dedicated NEX-7 lenses to test with the body, so I have no opinion about image quality with "normal" lenses, but I doubt there will be a problem. I will probably have the AA filter removed from the NEX-7.

When testing the Nikon (reflex) lenses, the GXR still beat the NEX-7 but the difference was much less.

I am not a fan boy of either the NEX-7 or the GXR, and the differences between the images surprised me. Please do not get emotional about this. It is possible that if I change my methods the results could differ, although this seems like a pretty straight forward test to me.

If you would like to see posting of the other tests, please say so.

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Dick Frederick

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