Few pictures taken with a77 and old minolta lens

Started Feb 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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butirka OP New Member • Posts: 24
Re: Few pictures taken with a77 and old minolta lens

Well the focus speed is impressive for that price. But accuracy is good as long as you have a sunny day outside, like in the pictures of planes. I find it really difficult to get a nice shot when its cloudy, even if I set the iso to 800, to get enough of shutter speed. Images are slightly out of focus, unless its not a moving object. And if u want to get rid off the axial color fringing you have to set the aperture to at least f/8.

But again, its costs just a few coins, so can't complain. Sunny day + f/8 = amazing rezults. Cloudy day + f/4.5 + iso 400 = better leave the lens at home.

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