Landscape photography with m43

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Landscape photography with m43

Hi everyone
Sorry, English is not my first language so bare with me 

Reason number one why I picked m43 format was because of size. I love go hiking, sometimes for days with everything on my back, and everyone that is used to hiking know that every gram counts. But I also love photographing so the obvious choice for a camera system for me and my needs was m43.

Now obviously coming from land of fire and ice (Iceland) there is no lacking of grate scenery where I go hiking. Beautiful mountains, glaciers, northern lights, lava fields and all the things Iceland has to offer.

The setup I own atm is G1 and Epl1, 20mm, 14mm, 14-45 and 45-200. I find myself using epl1 more in the city, but when I go hiking I take the G1. It, imo, delivers better landscape photographs In RAW then epl1 (although epl1 is also very good).

I decided to buy the 14mm 2.5 from ebay to use when I go hiking to save some grams and bulk, because I noticed that 95% of the photos I take when Im hiking are at 14mm (on my 14-45).

But one thing I have noticed is when Im looking at other peoples photographs, landscape photographs, is that its rely popular to stop the lens down to f11-f22 (Canon,Nikon) but when its taken from m43 its usually f4-f10.

I would like to know why this is. I know all about sensor size DOF difference when it comes to M43 sensor vs APS-C or FF size. But why don’t M43 photographers stop there lenses down to f11-f22 on for example 14mm lenses when taking landscape photograps?

I would also like to know if anyone is experienced with using the 14mm 2.5 in landscape photography and maybe compare its results with other m43 lenses in results.


Olympus PEN E-PL1
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