Would you buy an E-M5 featured E-xxx?

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Simon Zeev
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Re: Would you buy an E-M5 featured E-xxx?

My opinion:
I would not buy another 4/3 camera, and this is why:
I have the E500 from 2005 with 2 kit lenses and added an 11-22 lens.

I love the camera and it works fine. I don't think that my pictures will be better with an E5 or with an (non-existing now) E7.

I am a believer in EVIL cameras long before thy appear. I love the EVF even the primitive one of my old Canon S1 IS. I can understand that a lot of people prefer the OVF, but I can't understand that some says " I will never use an EVF! ".

I was happy when the first EVIL camera was released (Pana G1) and stay put to see what Olympus will invent, I was very disappointed when the E-P1 comes without an EVF.

This year I brought an E-PL2 with the 2 kit lenses, the m9-18, VF-2 and the underwater housing. I added the adapter to 4/3 lenses but I don't use it. The m4/3 lenses are good enough (for me) and I enjoy the little camera and don't use the E500 anymore (I will not sell it; I try to convince one of my daughters to take it).
The E-PL2 is not too small for me and it fulfill my needs.

I believe that Olympus cannot fight with CaNikon in the area of professional cameras and have to focus an the amateurs market. I saw a lot of professional photographers in my country and I never saw one using Olympus.
I believe that Olympus release the OM-D they say to us:
"Now you have an micro E5 and the micro 4/3 is the direction of our efforts."

I will not buy an OM-D for now. I think is a wonderful camera, but for now I will stay with the E-PL2. I hope that the next camera in the OM-D series will be even smaller.
Maybe my next camera will be an OM-D camera with an electronic shutter.


I can understand the frustration of people that have a lot of money invested in 4/3 lenses.

I tried my 4/3 lenses on m4/3 camera. They are some slow, but work. No problem with the 11-22, but the old kit lenses are slow.

I do not shoot sports or street. The m4/3 is fast enough to shoot my 2.5 year old grandson and my cats.

This is only my personal opinion. I am not an expert and not a professional.

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