RE: X10 Price Point - Pure Speculation...Question to all the doubters

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RE: X10 Price Point - Pure Speculation...Question to all the doubters

Hoboken Michelle wrote:

[...] at what price point does the X10 become simply irresistable...where the price point outweighs all the known issues? [...]

Simply put, I won't buy it for any price a retailer is likely to offer. I could buy it as a collector's item (I like well-made objects, e.g. I've got two Pentax limited lenses that are more expensive than they need to be, but they happen to help me take better photos), except that I was thinking of getting the X10 for photographic , and not only aesthetic reasons.

As it is, I dislike two things about the camera and one thing about the manufacturer -- the first thing doesn't need to be mentioned, it's that obvious; the second one is the closed nature of the EXR technology which makes 3rd party raw converters do a substandard job with the files from the camera. While I could live with that second limitation and keep using the jpeg setting on the camera (even at the 6MP setting), the Abominable Discs issue would ruin the photographic pleasure for me (I'd feel compelled to inspect every image I take with the fear of finding that Unbearable Lightness of Pseudo-Bokeh). Both things relate to the image quality department. On top of that is the deplorable attitude of Fujifilm when dealing with the problem (c'mon Fuji, own up to it -- it's gonna cost you, but at least you'll maintain credibility).

Consequently, I've shifted my interest to a different camera as a casual backup for my dSLR (however, I keep coming back to the FTF for the rhetorical fun it keeps generating).

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