How would U set up flash and camera settings here

Started Feb 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
nelsonal Senior Member • Posts: 2,464
Re: How would U set up flash and camera settings here

I see two possible methods, first, using enough flash that the lights don't really impact your exposure. Two to four flashes bouncing in the corners of the room with a wide aperture and the shortest shutter speed you can use would mean very little other light is contributing a color cast. Then just set your white balance to flash. However, if you want the coloring of the lights, gel your flashes to tungsten, though the lamp shades are going to add quite a bit of color to your photos, probably not fixable in post. You might want to experement with other colored gels and set the white balance using the gelled flash to change how the room lights are recorded shown in this example:

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