Someone please talk me out of buying a 4900 v. a 3880

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Someone please talk me out of buying a 4900 v. a 3880

I am an amateur and hobbyist photographer, but quite serious about the hobby - only limited by free time. I have read many threads on this 4900 v 3880 topic, but am still a bit in the air on the decision.

I have been printing more and more for personal/family/firend use on my 2880 and love the quality, but am frustrated by small capacity of ink carts, particularly for 13x19 B&W as it draws mainly from only 3 of the tiny carts, thus depleting them quickly. I have no clients and do not sell prints, so my amount of printing is inherently limited by how many good pics I take and wall space and time to mount (plus incidental for friends and family).

I now lean heavily towards 13x19 and would like to go bigger. I run through perhaps 20ml of ink per month (across all carts - I buy 1-2 carts per month). I would use more ink if I could print larger. I don't really see a high need to print on smaller than 8x10 on a regular basis.

So, my choices are the 3880 or 4900. Right now, and on occasion, there are deals on the 4900 that put it net all rebates no more than a couple of hundred dollars more than the 3880 (and it comes with more ink - 880ml v. 640ml with the 3880). Thus, I can easily justify either as paying for themselves (even with charge up ink) in ink relative to 2880 ink costs.

I have the physical space and the difference in initial cost is all within budget. Although I will likely exceed the 6mo. open ink cart life for both 3880 and 4900, I understand this is not a real limit with periodic cart shakup and head cleaning.

There is definitely some appeal to me for 17" roll paper and the versatility that brings.

Opinions why I should avoid the 4900? Clearly the 3880 is 'right sized' for me and I can live with some manual cutting and feeding for panos. However, at the small differential cost, it seems like I should just go for the 4900.


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