Something's coming by the end of the month

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Re: Something's coming by the end of the month

Bassman2003 wrote:

Your right, I am a bit pessimistic at this point. What we are all waiting for is behavior that Canon has not displayed in the past. But the OP did say he decided to put all of his decisions on hold. So nothing was pre ordered...

Ok, right, nothing was pre-ordered, but this is what he said:

"I just came back from my pro photo retailer. I went there to preorder a D800 plus 24-70 and 70-200."

So, leaking the Canon news to him cost the shop these 3 sales. Now instead of a body and two lenses, they will only be selling a body. This adds credibility to the leak.

Anyway, I do not have any issues with continuing to offer the 5DMKII. What I would have an issue with as the 5Dx not being so much better but rather an alternative. Like a 5DMKII with a little better AF etc...

The rumors (I know, take them with a grain of salt) have been converging on the new 5D having the 61 point AF system. That would be a very compelling upgrade.

After four years I would expect a camera that would make people not want the 5DMKII at all. A lot of pros use the 5DMKII and I do not think they want to trade features so the price can be under $3,000 etc...

Right, but plenty of people want Full Frame but cannot afford or justify a $3k+ camera. So continuing to offer the 5DII at $2k or so covers a whole other market.

I will be surpised if Canon has a cleam HDMI signal for recording from the 5Dx. If they do I will be happy and reward them with purchases.

I'm not into video so I'm not sure what clean HDMI output means.

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