3 new NX cameras in the following months...

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Re: 3 new NX cameras in the following months...

tecnoworld wrote:

if they propose the NX20 at that pricepoint you suggest, then I'm afraid they'll sell very few pieces. The majority will prefer both the NEX7 and the Pro X1, since they are Sony and Fuji.

Samsung has to understand, IMHO, that they have to propose a camera that's better than those, but way cheaper (less than 900$ for the body), so that even the sceptics will be willing to try a "Samsung" camera.

That's my 2 cents.

of course. I'm just being realistic with the pricing as well. I mean, when we think about it, it would be difficult to price the NX20 around the price of the NX200 or NX210 because it could jeopardize the sales of the either camera but most likely the NX200/NX210. I don't think the NX1000 would sell around $200 or less. on the otherhand, the NX20 does look to compete against the NEX-7 and X-Pro1 according to specs. at $1,100, it would be $300 cheaper than the NEX-7 and $600 cheaper than the X-Pro1. the advantage that comes with Samsung would most likely be on the lens line-up, if the rumours are true about releasing 3-4 lenses this year alone. of course, Samsung had the prerogative to be aggressive by dropping the forecast price of the NX20 at $900. whether if this would impact the camera market significantly, is a wait and see. but I believe that Samsung has to do a really aggressive marketing campaign to breakthrough the camera stereotype that Canon caused. atleast that's how you make yourself stand-out in a crowd.

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