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Ola Forsslund wrote:

dkyl wrote:

Ola Forsslund wrote:

lemon_juice wrote:

why doesn't Nikon implement sRAW like Canon?

Because it is pointless!

Can you elaborate why?

I did below...

This way the camera could also please those who want smaller files

Sure it would. But if you can't afford to upgrade your memory cards and computer, you cant afford a new camera either.

Now that's a little simplistic don't you think.

No, maybe I don't see problem properly. What is the problem with large files?

Just as an example, not all computer systems can be easily upgraded and perhaps the user is out of sync with the replacement cycle.

I, myself have an aging laptop that I have already maxed out with the upgrades. Personally I accept I will need new computer hardware regardless of any camera purchasing decision. But there are those that might be 1-2 years off from their replacement.

I'm also not saying hold back performance and specs from the D800 either. But evidently this presents a dilemma for some users. So it might have been considerate to offer some workable solution for those without a need for all that resolution. Not another camera but some way of getting smaller files and I don't mean jpegs.

, higher fps

It simply does not work like that. The limiting factor for FPS is the number of MP/s you can get off the sensor into the CPU. This is a sensor limitation.

Thus, the only solution would be to skip parts of the sensor. Well, that is what Nikon does in crop mode.

How does using the grip enhance the fps? I don't know, just asking.

I doesn't. It's a marketing thing to sell more grips. You can trick the D700 to do 8 fps by cleaver configuration of the bracketing mode. Just search the forum.

I wasn't aware of that. So it seems we're not at the bandwidth capacity of offloading data off the sensor.

What's the bet the D800's not at it's capacity either and the fps is limited by marketing reasons or other bottlenecks in the imaging chain.

But surely there's some advantage to buffer capacity.

Well, there you actually got a point.

and lower resolution.

That is NOT a feature!

No, not a feature but it does aid workflow when the resolution's not necessary.

That is better solved by computer software!

Probably. But again relating to the first point. Not everyone has the computing capabilities, just yet.

One could use D800 as a 24mpx, 18mpx, 12mpx camera or whatever. Wouldn't Nikon sell more at the same time?

No, since there is nothing to gain.

And Nikon DOES provide compressed NEFs!

Sure there is. Some people resort to jpegs for workflow convenience.

Yes, that is an excellent solution.

So if smaller resolution RAW files were options, why won't there be any gains?

Because it is a crude way of doing it. There are so many better solutions.

For workflow, faster software for low-res output is the best solution. Then you got the option to use high res when needed. Remember that high resolution has many more uses than producing large large images!

To some issues, 12-bit jpg-files might be a good idea.

Without going to a RAW vs jpeg discussion, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree.
My view is that offering a smaller RAW file would be immensely useful.

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