Which Flash Manual Or E-TTL

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Re: Which Flash Manual Or E-TTL

So far the only useful answer to your question is by diyphotographystuff.

Auto ISO doesn't work with flash. The ISO is set to 400 and doesn't change.

In Auto camera modes, ETTL-II tries to act as a fill light - adding just enough light to your subject to match the ambient light. The camera does its best to set the exposure for the ambient light, frequently resulting in wide open apertures and very long shutter speeds which the results in blurry images. You have to over ride the ambient light exposure by using Exposure Compensation and use Flash Exposure Compensation to over ride the flash exposure. You might as well work in Manual Mode 99% of the time.

ETTL-II is best used (with EC & FEC) if the subject/flash distance is changing. The problem is that the exposure will still vary if the subject/background ratio changes - i.e. if the subject is closer to the camera the ratio will be higher than if the subject is further from the camera. If the subject/flash distance is constant then ETTL-II should not be used.

I have no info on the Lumipro LP160.

Yongnuo makes a variety of hot-shoe flash units for Canon and Nikon cameras that have gotten reasonably good reviews. You can buy two that are similar to the Canon 430EX II and several that are fully manual power controlled but have built-in optical slaves. The YN-565 is more powerful than the YN-468.





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