Canon Mark3 OVER D800

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Re: Canon Mark3 OVER D800

jonas ar wrote:

However, surely the QE of the sensor is not dependent on a mirror i front of it?

I'm thinking that your QE figueres may be related to what Roger Clark calls system efficiency: which is T*QE where T is the transmission of everything in front of the photo sensitive area.

If I understand him correctly, strictly speaking QE is the efficiency by which photons hitting the sensitive area is converted to a signal?

I find your figures more useful because we know the response for a given exposure from them, but QE may not, strictly speaking, be the correct term?

QE as currently used by basically everybody is the amount of light (photons) striking the surface of the sensor that is counted electronically. This already includes losses due to reflection of IR filter, the fill factor regarding microlens coverage, potential reflections off the microlenses and the actual photon counting efficiency of the photons reaching the silicon. One thus might call it the system quantum efficiency (or quantum efficiency of the whole system), it just common laziness to shorten that to quantum efficiency. And including the losses of the mirror make sense from the point of view that it belongs to the system, ie, it cannot be removed.

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