2 out of 4 !!!

Started Feb 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
WAGeo Regular Member • Posts: 105
Love it!

Pete Berry wrote:

Increasing exposure in a beach or snow situation is advisable when snow or light sand predominates, of course, as it will be metered to middle gray (18% reflective - 119/119/119). The rather dark skies seem to have balanced the exposures here (assuming no PP brightening).


Robiro wrote:

Doing so would worsen the situation. It would transform the snow to uniform RGB: 255,255,255 areas. Not advisable.

It has not been mentioned this would apply if metering the snow. This is why it's a good reason to have a gray card or understand "sunny 16" etc.

I actually don't see much of a problem with the images as presented and realize they are smaller compressed files...I hope...


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