Moose chooses D800-E

Started Feb 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
MrSkelter Contributing Member • Posts: 705
Re: Moose chooses D800-E

The Leica guys hide the color moire by editing to black and white. I doubt D800 owners will be as keen.

The D800E is great. I just think given recent excitement people aren't buying it in the full knowledge of its limitations. Moose is an exception. I'd expect him to have another body should moire present any risk at all.

If moire could be killed in software we'd have seen pro bodies without filters at lower pixel counts when resolution was in more demand. We didn't because you can't.

In a couple of generations it'll be a non-issue. 100MP sensors will have line frequencies which limit moire to very rare circumstances indeed. AA filter or not no one sane will care anyway with that much data to play with.

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