Nikon to release 3 more cameras

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Re: Nikon to release 3 more cameras

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gatorowl wrote:

I'd put my money on the D400 replacement being based off of the Sony 24MP sensor that the A77 is based on.


The sensor performs close to the level of the 15MP version, and it appears that Nikon has gotten on the MP bandwagon for cameras who primary buyers are non-pros. Although the D400 is a enthusiast/pro level camera, I suspect Nikon will include features desired by enthusiasts more than pros.

If they put the Sony 24MP sensor in the D400, I'm not buying it.

That's exactly why I'm waiting to decide between the D800 or the D400.
If they put the 24MP in the D400 then I'm all over it.

If they rehash the same old 16MP sensor... then it's the D800 for me.

If they put the same Sony 24MP sensor from the A77 in the D400....go look at some high ISO shots in the reviews compared to the D300s or the D7000. You might reconsider purchasing the D400.

But while it may be the same sensor it won't be the same processing.

Regardless... I'm on the list of the many that don't care about high ISO performance.
Give me a good, native 25 & 50.... and keep your 6400.
Or in this case.. more resolution.

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