Normal for 35mm 1.4? Please comment...

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Re: Normal for 35mm 1.4? Please comment...


I can appreciate the online comparison charts you keep referring to. The thread is about why isnt the same sharpness reflected in real life shots. I bought the 35L based on the same reviews you link to. However either three people in this thread have exceptionally good 85 1.8s (and 50s for me) or bad 35Ls. Being that L lenses are supposedly superior I would think its less likely the 35s are "bad"; the QC cant possibly be that bad for $1500 lenses. Even less likely that you get 3 exceptional copies of "cheap" 50s & 85s. No I think that this is typical behavior for all 3 lenses, I think that the 35 is a great lens, HOWEVER the sharpness wide open doesnt blow any other primes out of the water including the much cheaper 50 and 85 1.8.

I've uploaded another gallery with shots from all three lenses. No cropping done you can zoom in to see the differences. This time I did move the setup to get the same perspective. The "5/5" & "6/6" dominoes are dead center for all shots as seen in LV focusing picture.

This shows me that the are all basically the same with the 35 maybe being slightly sharper by f4. Maybe the field curvature you mention is a factor. Should I be correcting the lens profiles in LR? But i dont see how that would make it sharper.


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