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Re: Doesn't make sense

I think we agree on the resampling not being the best idea, mostly from the need to demosaic first, which limits the possibility to apply different/better algorithms in the future to your files, greatly limiting the ability to benefit from possible advances in that field. As for the file size issue, this seems less important to me, as the CF cards are constantly getting cheaper (and faster), HDDs are about to return to sub-$50/TB level by the beginning of next year, and since photobanks are available going with CF cards only is not a necessity. I'm using a cheap HyperDrive, got it 5 years ago, swapped the hdd in the mean time for a bigger one (actually, when needed, I could use both, as swapping them is quite easy), it's a 1GB/min transfer and ca. 100GB per charge. A lot of better solution available. The file size issue is the same as it was when switching from D1X or D2H to D2X, btw.

The point of my above post is that I don't see too many people wishing to get D700 high ISO and DR performance from an 18mp 2012 camera. That's what I meant writing that it doesn't make sense. Changing to 18mp would be a nice upgrade, sort of, but mainly from a point of view of someone not possessing D700 already.

As for the remainder of your interesting post. Perhaps this generation of Nikon FX dslrs could mean the end of megapixel race, by what I mean that what Nikon could do right now with FX bodies is probably to release a D4x (D800 sensor in a D4 body, I don't see a switchable AA filter possible) or a D800H/s, whatever you call it (a D4 sensor in a D800 with, say, 5fps) at the exact, or very close price points of original D4/D800, respectively.

Taking into account the possible demand, the D800H/s is more probable, however, perhaps looking at profit margins for given camera class both could be equally possible. Releasing an D4x at the D3x price seems completely unreasonable with D800/D800E available, same is for pricing D800H/s lower (too tempting for some D4 buyers) or higher (pricing lower res, same class body higher would be something completely new for the market, I suppose) than D800/E.

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