Nikon naming convention mystery

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Why not version numbers? Do we still need the D?

Why still D? It's obvious theat everything is digital now.

This could work:

1.1Fx - Top of the range Full frame body, with 1.2Fx, 1.3Fx, etc. as next models. (Current D3, D4 range)

10.1Fx, 10.2Fx - 'Prosumer' Full Frame (D700, D800, etc.)

10.1Dx, 10.2Dx - same body as above, but with Dx sensor. (D200, D300, etc.)

100.1Dx - equivalent to D7000, etc.

1000.1Dx - equivalent to D3100, etc

The lower the main number, the better the body. The higher the point, the newer the model. Fx or Dx so you know the sensor immediately. Plus plenty of room for intermediate bodies - e.g. 500.1Dx, 5.1Fx, etc. And the x.y numbering style suits the digital world well, I feel.

But then why make things simple?

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