Nikon shot down D4 with D800

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Re: Dififcult choices

Hi Geronimo,

You may want to look into this a bit more. It's my understanding that the same ISO benefits of the D4 over the D800 in still photography will also apply to video, meaning you'll be able to capture much better ISO performance in video from the D4 than the D800.

Thanks, yes I have asked that to a Nikon representative, if there is a quality difference in video due to the higher ISO performance of the D4 in relation to that of the D800. He said that it is a difference at high iso settings.

And in terms of initial resolution (16MB vs 32MB), video gets downsampled before output, so the extra resolution from the D800 won't benefit, and, in fact, may actually cause additional artifacts due to the extra downsampling that it must perform.

Yes, that should be made clear out of reviews. Unfortunately I could not make/see any comparison differences. I was not allowed to make images or video with a D800 demo model. In the beginning of March I'll join a demonstration here in Nethelrands, hope to be allowed to record video and images, hopefully possible in comparison with a D4, will put it on my blog.


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