How come no other cheapies like Nifty Fifty?

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Re: How come no other cheapies like Nifty Fifty?

guitarjeff wrote:

How come Cannon hasn't made any sister cheap lenses to the nifty fifty? I would love to have a 100mm version, or a 18mm version, plastic mount, no IS, I wouldn't even care if they were manual focus. I just wish Cannon would help out the folks who own their SLR's who can't afford 400-1,200 dollars for a new lens. If they can make a Nifty Fifty, then they should be able to make the same thing in a 18 and a 100 mm versions, and cut down on the extras if they have to so it won't cut in to their high end lenses, like I say, even taking out AF. It wouldn't bother me a bit to manual focus a cheap Nifty Fifty style lens in a 100 and an 18 mm versions.

Another point about longer focal lengths. If you go from 50mm to 100mm, and want to maintain f1.8, you need to double the diameter of the lens (at least front).

If you just want a small number of glass elements with the same diameter like the 50mm f1.8, then longer lenses will have smaller f-stops.
You can make a cheap 500mm lens, but it's f8, and not so great I guess:

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