Normal for 35mm 1.4? Please comment...

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Re: Normal for 35mm 1.4? Please comment...

jkr77 wrote:

Here are my comparison shots between the 35 1.4 and 50 1.8II
Both wide open: I think the 50 looks sharper

It is not what I see. See also this:

@OP dont want to hijack your thread but I wanted to chime in bc I feel the 35 isn't that sharp wide open as other primes I own such as the 50 & 85 1.8.

It is.

PZ also confirms this, the 35L beats those two by far. BTW, near the borders, there is probably some field curvature - we are talking about a wide lens vs. standard and telephoto. If you focus off center, the sharpness is great there as well.

This is a 100% off center crop, 5D2, 35/1.4:

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