50mm f1.8 great lens review!

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Re: This is THE lens Sony should have made a year ago

Geee, another self-invited soul helper.

Thanks, but no interest.

I like the NEX sensors much more than the m4/3 relics.

I am not favoring any of the systems. I just find it sad, how SONY doesn't give a fck about making something great or correct at least eventhough they have the most advanced technology available. They make a camera with a sensor that is in many regards better than the few years old FF chips that are still being sold for heavy bucks to "pros", however, they provide the UI, WB and JPG engine of a cameraphone for it. And I guess it doesn't have any meaning to mention the plasticy, soulles lenses made for their revolutionary E-mount, does it? Funny enough, that from all of them, only the cheap kit zoom is worth the money for it. (yeah, maybe the 16/2.8, too). But those other overpriced one-trick ponys Everdog mentioned?

However, the NEX 5N (with obligatory color correction as SONY probably saved some cash by employing color-blind employees in the process) is vastly superior for daylight shooting to any m4/3 camera. So I just have no other option than to run on both systems, hoping someone in Japan gets a bucket of enlightenment soon.

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