FZ-150 Adjusting Picture Quality ...When, Why, How Much?

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Re: FZ-150 Adjusting Picture Quality ...When, Why, How Much?

I think the picture modes are there not only for you, but for the scene modes to use too.

I mean:

Picture mode changes the camera image settings as mentioned above, but that's all.

Scene mode selects the appropriate picture mode and configures the camera (e.g. f11 for landscapes, f2.8 for portraits) internals for that scene.

Yes, I'd say they are personal choice - my mention of consensus was referring to the fact that most people here report the FZ150 as having too much noise reduction (less than the 100 had though) and setting NR to -2 gives sharper shots that need a little PP to remove some noise.

beejaysoo wrote:

Thank you all for your references and suggestions. I'm not sure whether a consensus can be established. Perhaps if one was just considering landscapes, or wildlife, or ???etc. I assume these parameters become a personal choice. I also assume that some of these suggested adjustments are not required * just because the camera needs them.* Thanks again!!!!

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