50mm f1.8 great lens review!

Started Feb 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: This is THE lens Sony should have made a year ago

If that is the priority for you, well, then enjoy the plastic thing. However a 45mm lens is a 45mm lens and btw 90mm FOV is really nice for portraits...

I have a bunch of 50ies on the NEX, however, always preffered to shoot either wider or longer than that awkward 75mm FOV. (35 38 40mm is better for what the 50 was intended and also the 58/1.2 gets me 87mm FOV which I like much more for portraits)

I preffer lenses that make BEAUTIFUL pictures. I don't care about the FOV because I use stitching.

If you prefer wider, why not just continue using the 16/2.8 you get sooo much more FOV and light too. (besides the OSS effect, of course).

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