are you selling or have sold your D700?

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Re: Probably, but will wait until I get D800...

agc1976 wrote:

You keeping insisting that the D700 shoots at only 5fps

It does, read the specs. The only way to get higher than 5fps is to add the battery grip which is not an option for some nor for me as I like the camera without grip.

Lifted from the Australian Nikon site re D700:

"Shooting Modes:

1) Single frame shooting [S] mode, 2) Continuous High-speed [CH] mode: 5fps , 3) Continuous Low-speed [CL] mode: 1-5fps , 4) Live View [LV] mode, 5) Self-timer [mark] mode, 6) Mirror-up [Mup] mode"

tells me that its impossible to have a reasonable discussion with you.

Because you know I'm right and can't handle the truth.

You also stated with regards to the grip: "Which most people own anyways." Firstly, can you actually qauntify that statement and secondly, can you prove that most actually like/want to use the grip rather than the smaller D700 without grip?

The fact is, I very much doubt that the D800 at 4fps will slow up your wedding work at all and you are just finding excuses to dis the camera. I find it impossible to believe that you would need to shoot that many photos that quickly without a break in shooting, in order to clear the buffer etc, and secondly that you wouldn't use a second camera for back up, which could be used in your machine gun approach to photography, as well.

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