Oly 12mm vs. Panny 14mm, worth the $$ difference?

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Re: Oly 12mm vs. Panny 14mm, worth the $$ difference?

NZ Scott wrote:

I've also found the zone focusing capability to be useful, as I often shoot through dark filters. Of course, the 12mm f2 is the only m43 lens capable of zone focusing. I used zone focusing for these two shots:

Yes, the MF scale with DOF marks is a nifty feature. But it's not impossible to use zone-focusing on a lens like the 14/2.5 too, merely slightly more inconvenient. What you need is a DOF calculator (I have one on my iPhone), a good memory, or a little sticker to remind you some place (e.g. on the lens barrel). Then AF (or MF) on a target at the right distance (e.g., the hyperfocal one) and switch to MF (if you haven't already) and you are all set.

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