Olympus E-M5 thoughts..

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Olympus E-M5 thoughts..

I will admit that Olympus pretty much had me with the little teaser ad they released for this camera. I guess with me and a lot of other people we are easy sells when it comes to Olympus Olympus is known for some pretty good hype but a lot of their hype does turn out to be accurate. Live view(nobody got it at first), dustbuster, etc. Zuiko lens quality. Great color. It's all pretty much true.

I consider myself an enthusiast photographer at times, and a professional at other times. It really depends on my mood and if I'm getting paid. SLR's are perfect in their nature for paid photography work. There has not been a mirrorless camera yet that has really appealed to me. The EP2/EP3 came pretty close, but the inability to use the viewfinder and also the hotshoe was just a hugely crucial design mistake for somebody like me who likes to control light.

The Panasonic models are nice cameras but none of them appealed to me. The interface is too consumerish, no control dials and wheels like I like, and they continually dumb down their line when they should be raising it up. The GX1 really is the first camera I've liked from them other than the GF1. GH2 is really nice but is more video centric than photography centric, so it didn't appeal to me. Don't really like the form factor for it either. After owning the E3 and E5 the plastic bodies are just not fun to hold or use anymore. Sony I don't really get either. Top of the line sensors and two bit bodies, dumbed down so badly that it's almost sad. Nex 7 is interesting, but far too expensive when you factor in the lenses and value proposition. Lenses are also just too darned big.

Enter the E-M5. Amidst the ridiculous badly written ads about "The beginning of the new", we have a really well thought out camera, made for photographers. Pro quality build, faster than lightening, great price, and good feature set. Sensor to be determined but it's going to be a good one if not top of the line. Maybe the first camera to get me seriously thinking of going exclusively micro 4/3. If the 12-60 and 75mm were available in micro 4/3 format I would probably do it today. Damn why didn't they make the 12-50 faster. That definitely eats at me a little bit because it's a lost opportunity. How much of a no brainer would it be to kit that body with a (sharp) 12-50 2.8-4.0 lens? They will sell a ton anyway but it would have been a runaway.

One of the more interesting do-over feature has got to be the IBIS. Watching the video made, it works amazingly well. It appears you could almost run with this camera and get smooth video and images. That is an amazing, brand new feature that nobody else really has.

Panny sensor or not(I find it a little odd and amusing the disgust people have for Panasonic sensors, but not their cameras), it really looks like a winner for Olympus, and they desperately needed it. We know they've been working on this for a while and it looks like they are going to get a payoff here. You get a sense that the people who don't care for Olympus are littering the web to downplay the camera. Maybe Olympus has enough to beat that game.

Now the biggest questions i have:

1) When is the darn thing going to ship!
2) When should I sell my E-P3?
3) Should I get silver or black since I have that silver 45mm?
4) Should I get silver when the grip is black?

5) Should I get black knowing I will never use the grip, and it would look bad with the 45mm and 75mm.

6) Can they make a last minute fix to max the shutter speed at 1/8000, or lower the iso limit to 100 so I can use fast lenses in the sun? (of course not, they have a higher model to sell later on)

7) Why does Toshiyuki Terada make me feel so relaxed when I hear him speak? That guy is a superstar.

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