How Canon can compete against the D800

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Re: Nikon may well have a ready answer...

eNo wrote:

Horshack wrote:

It's time for Canon to reverse roles and exploit Nikon's segmentation gap the way Nikon exploited theirs with the D700. Nikon's gap between the D4 and D800 is High ISO performance, FPS, and buffer size.

Personally, I don't think this gap will last long, so I hope Canon's already been working on it, because in a year or so, curtains. Heck, Nikon could plug it up right now with a D700s using the D3s sensor. It may or may not happen, but Nikon has everything they need to make it happen.

Reusing the D3s sensor and calling it a D700s for around $2300 would make for one heck of a camera. The only sticking point would be 1080p video, but not everyone needs it.

A D700s and D800 would be the perfect combination.

Getting back to Canon, they could easily target both, but what's hampering them is their strategy. If they make a 5Dmk3 with improved AF and higher fps, where does that leave the 1DX? I've always thought they should have had a '3D' model, between the 1D and 5D, that competed directly with the D700, but they didn't want anything on full frame competing with their 1Ds (now 1DX) line.

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