Git that flash off yer camera

Started Feb 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
EddyKilowatt Forum Member • Posts: 70
Re: Git that flash off yer camera

Nicely lit shots. (Cute subjects too.) If you don't mind a newb question, how is exposure controlled in this simple remote-flash setup?

I second your opinion that built-in flashes do awful things to nearly all subject matter. The only use I've found for them is for fill light... in my case, fill for natural scene light, since I don't (yet) own an external flash. Though, I've had little success so far getting balanced fill light from the flash on my G3... it seems to want to blast away at full output regardless of how much light the scene needs.

How often do you find your colors affected by the ceiling or room color, when using bounce or over-the-shoulder techniques? I sometimes resort to a business card in front of my built-in flash to bounce the direct beam, and have had some 'interesting' results. But always, better than that Speed-Graphic-Flashbulb look that the on-camera flash gives!

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