D800 - a dying species

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D800 - the apex of DSLR ... maybe, but ...

Michel Savage wrote:

With the D800, we have reached the apex of DSLR

Might be true

, and from there, the DSLR species will be slowly dying.

well, not quite yet.

The camera of the future is [---] is very very small, highly portabgle and discrete, as an ISO of 12 800 equivalent to ISO 50 in terms of noise.

Forget about it. That would have to be a terrible quality at ISO 50 to be matched by ISO 12 800. At ISO 12 800 there's simply not enough photons hitting the sensor to allow for low noise at high res.

It may possibly have a 2.8 21-200 zoom (or whatever) that perfectly matches its 30-35 MP sensor.

Ah sure. I haven't seen any groundbreaking developments in the glass sector within the recent 15 years or such. Whenever a lens provided an usually large zoom range it was obviously a "superzoom" with too many optical deficiencies for the majority of photographers to be able to tolerate. That said, with electronic in-camera lens correction some of these might be covered up. A few manufacturers already have begun doing just that.

I'll tell ya: I'm on the last day of my Thailand trip, and I've had it with bulky bodies and constant lens changes.

To each his own. Of course for street photography a small (say, MFT or similar) body makes a whole lot more sense. Nobody needs 30+ MP and the ultimate of detail rendering or DR for that. But for studio and landscape work, to name just 2 applications, a D800 is a great alternative to medium format.

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