When Good Enough is good enough....

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Re: When Good Enough is good enough....

Paul Petersen wrote:

How many others are getting splinters on the fence?

I think there are only two form factors that work today. Cameras that are not pocketable but can do anything (video etc) and cameras that are pocketable and afford a subset of a given number of disadvantages.

Gary's result was quite foreseeable (is that an English word?) because 15 Megafoveonpixels (15MP worth of green) do look very similar to 24 Megabayerpixels (12 MP worth of green - and green makes the resolution, simply spoken). Most people wil not see that minor difference of 12 versus 15 Megapixels. For a difference in resolution to become obvious to a general audience, you would need to look at one image with twice the amount of (green) megapixels of the other.

For example, if printed large enough, your D90 or my D700 will look vastly inferior to a SD1, even to non-photographers- as will an old 6MP Canon Rebel to our cameras. The SD1 should be somewhere between a 5DII and a D800 but most people outside of these forums wont see the difference.

A bad day of train chasing is better than a good day at work.

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