50mm f1.8 great lens review!

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Re: This is THE lens Sony should have made a year ago


however... eventhough I wanted this lens very much, so I would finally get a stabilized solution for low light for my 5N. I clicked in the last paragraph on the review of the 45/1.8 Olympus for m4/3 and the pictures looked much nicer from that lens.

I investigated further and found wonderful pictures made by that lens, that proved the lens is exceptionally and extremely sharp even wide-open. It has tons of nice character, gorgeous bokeh and delivers lively color.

Compared to that, the samples from the SONY lens look like from another plastic lens made by robots for aesthetically desensitized chimps (just snapping photographers).

So as much I wanted to transition to using only this system, instead of the m4/3. The gorgeous pictures from the latest Zuiko wonder convinced me to rather choose photographs with soul and beauty instead of those two EV stops DR more :

Anyway, I do agree, that this is finally THE lens for the NEX system. After all those prime fails SONY managed to bring out...

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