doesnt bode well for fuji...

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Re: doesnt bode well for fuji...

John Carson wrote:

Silent Oracle wrote:

Kudos and my respect to dcresource - and thank you, Rude for sharing this. If Fuji does a bit of advertising at dcresource, it's probably going to hurt them on that end - but yahoo!!! for someone with clout presenting honest facts to their readership.

The thing is that this is the standard night shot test that DC Resource does with every camera that it reviews. It has been doing it for as long as I have been reading the site (about 5 years). As far as I am aware, no other camera has ever produced these sorts of effects on this test. Accordingly, it is very stark evidence that there is something very seriously amiss. No-one can claim that DC Resource did anything unusual to produce the effect.

Thanks Silent Oracle for the kind words. I always try to call things as I see them, just not on the homepage

John, I've been taking these same night photos for at least ten years, and I've never seen anything like this before. When I saw that the firmware upgrade didn't fix it at all, I felt that I should share that with the photo community. I've never had any advertising from Fuji, and this probably won't help. Fuji has some serious quality control problems (especially in their compacts) and needs to get their act together.


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