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Non-Native Lenses

Just so you know, there are two problems adapting MF lenses to Canon. First, crop bodies like the 40D are nearly impossible to focus accurately through the viewfinder. I used a 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor and 28mm f/2.0 Kiron with my 40D, and results were only hit-and-miss. The "focus confirm" chip helped, but it wasn't always correct. This problem will probely be much more severe on a Rebel series. Second, even though I'm now shooting full frame with a better VF (5D), these lenses are only useful for situations that I normally shoot wide open and/or on a tripod. Stop-down metering is time-consuming, and I can't use it for things like street photography or macro, where the camera is handheld and the subject may be moving.

All that aside, I just purchased an older 200mm f/3.5 prime (Mamiya M42), and in preliminary tests, it is extremely sharp. It was also a bargain at roughly $100 including cost of the adapter. I needed this for a special purpose though, one that will entail only very occasional use. If I needed it more often, I would bite the bullet and buy Canon.

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