Why Nikon took so long ?

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lovingtheview wrote:

Just a few notes on this conversation:

1: Canon is the company I invested in, and I plan to stay with them for the future, with dogged patience. After all, they have given us so many superlative designs.

2: Some say that Nikon has pricked the sleeping giant, and may feel retribution soon. I say that the comatose giant gives every sign of being impotent to regain its prior superiority. Coincidentally, a giant who has slept for three years, may awake with its power and intellect atrophied without remedy.

Some say you should write novels...

3: For all of their expertise in secrecy about upcoming models, which seems to be one of their greatest skills, Canon should gently discipline the management people who think this is intelligent marketing. That is, if they have something in the works, even if it is a clay model, be a little smarter and put out a few tidbits to the press to stop the bleeding. Every hour they do not say something in print, and/or not introduce an answer to the D800/E, Canon loyalists are abandoning the fold in numbers which may be irreversible.

How??? You can't even buy a D800 yet.
Even you aren't abandoning them.

Canon management, how many people now going to the competitor(s) do you think will be profligate and diffident enough to then come back to Canon when you do finally catch up? Preposterous!

4: same as item number one; I am still loyal to Canon, but I am embarrassed beyond words.

No, you're embarrassing, it's different. But get started on that novel

Please, Canon, answer the challenge!

Patience, they will.

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