Polarisers and WB

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Re: Polarisers and WB

Louis_Dobson wrote:

I took the advice about using polarisers as a form of ND, and ordered some.

Sudden thought - does the WB still work OK?

I'm sure Louis is aware but for those just considering a polarizer, polarizers are a great way to ruin an image if a clear blue sky is in it! Even at 90° from the sun you will get weird effects. Great with clouds or trees dominating the sky or no sky but take it from one who has a collection of ruined sky (none recent thankfully!) photographs.

In fact of all the issues I have ever had with photography learning to use a polarizer properly is one of the hardest to master. With my D300 colors would go NUTS! Very weird desert cactus images! Use polarizers with caution as the effects can be difficult to correct for pp.

Sorry for the remedial rant but I need to remind myself too sometimes!

Now where IS my polarizer....:D


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