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Re: It worked (pic)!

Detail Man wrote:

An image processor/editor will use it's own (in some cases user-selectable) working color-space in order to process the (YCbCr color-space, DCT-encoded) JPEG image-file when the processor/editor decodes the JPEG image-file for processing. What is important is the (often user-selectable) output color-space of the processor/editor itself (if an output JPEG image-file is created). The situation (at that point) is precisely the same as as is described above. The printer/display that decodes that "final" JPEG image-file is what applies the requested color-space (if it is able to) ...

Don't be so quick to "fix" your images to sRGB. While in todays desktop technology and most "costco" printing solutions don't use more than an sRGB color space.

Assuming a "Moore's law" type of scenario we may shortly (next 10 years..) see desktop printers that will take full advantage of all the color space bit rate etc.... While dealing in RAW it would be easy to recoup but a logistic nightmare.

I shoot RAW Adobe RGB and convert to ProPhoto 16bit upon import maximizing my files and giving me the optimum file for years down the road if I should choose to print an already edited file. With 2Tb drives going for less than $150 the file size is not a issue. While you could argue I am wasting effort I know exactly what every single one of my photographs particulars are: ProPhoto 16bit.


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