X10: Starry Night

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Hi Ratty,

first off, the images are really beautiful. thank you again

there is some blobbing of the store signs in the first image, which is essentially orb-ing, so we can't really say these images are bloom free

but in general there's not much in these scenes to expect to cause x10 bloom.

exposed lights (candles up close, halogen overhead lights, glints of sunlight, traffic lights directed towards you in evening, basically anything than can cause starry type effect when viewed while slimming one's eyes) have some to high probability of bloom, depending on distance and exposure. everything in these scenes are reflected lights or low intensity lights at a distance.

it's a lot of guess-timation to run through one's head, definitely impossible to account for every little orb, but i don't think it's impossible to predict when major orbs will occur.

our eyes see the world in HDR so we don't really have reliable exposure meters for the camera. but with time and practice I believe you could learn to apply the right techniques to the situation when needed (close aperture, raise ISO, set DR100). not convenient when shooting at a car show in daylight, but night scenes and simple street scenes can go through some evaluation

am i a defender of orbs if I'm trying to defend applying some additional considerations in photography? many are not willing to put up with such BS but I'm not going to buy a m4/3 or DSLR or other point and shoot in the meantime waiting for the next revision of the x10. the form factor is just too perfect for me.

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