Full-frame NEX

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Re: Full-frame NEX

...suddenly it makes no sense...

Great. However the move from small-sized sensors in compact cameras to cams like the Pany LX3 made sense. Also the creation of a mirrorless system with 4/3 sensor made a lot of sense. Of course the compact solution with APS-C sensor, the NEX and the number other companies making something similar makes the biggest sense.

But if we want the companies to make something compact and able to use FF lenses without crop, now that makes no sense.

Did you manage to notice, that also a company named Leica makes something compact with a FF sensor (M9) and they charge crazy amounts of money for it, only because they just didn't have proper competition?

Really a nice approach. If we wanted something big and limited to only one lens mount, we know, there are FF DSLRs. But guess what, we don't want nothing large, heavy and obtrusive.

And that remark with the hello Kitty cam was just too off.

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