Panasonic GX1 review

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Re: Panasonic GX1 review

Thanks for the tremendous effort put forth to in reviewing the GX1.

I assume the concensous is these are geared towards photographers who are looking for excellence right out of the box. It’s kind of like doing a review on my Nikon F3 by analyzing some prints from Walmart taken with a Tokina 50mm 3.5 when I develop and print my own B&W from a Nikkor 35mm 1.4. There would be zero comparison.

I’m not trying to bash the review but suggest it is quite limited in scope. It would have to be with the many variables. Impossible to cover and I’m impressed at what was covered.

So if you are looking for that stock look with no effort you have your review.

If you prefer to work your RAW images after the fact I would raise this review 10-15 points in my limited experience. In a month of shooting landscapes the GX1 has provided excellent files that have not exhibited any issues and respond well to basic editing techniques. I'm still working with a "kit lens" and the more I shoot and analyze and study I'm not entirely convinced $300+ more towards a better lens will give me all that much more.



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