some DP2s photos and thanks!

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Re: some DP2s photos and thanks!

ABMountainHiker wrote:

As far the DPxM, tough question. In theory I could buy the DP1M and crop to get results as good, or better than my DP2s. Would this actually work out? I think I'd have to hold my hands very steady, for starters.

As far as dust & water go, I mostly keep a hood and filter on. I think this helps; when I turn the camera on, it sucks in cleaner air (I hope). So far so good.
The camera usually sits in my jacket pocket or zipped up in my fanny pack.

I'd be very interested to hear what you decide on.

Thanks for the answers, AB. If the price will be affordable for me, then I will definitely be getting one, and will be happy to post the first good shots here on the forum. Hope very much that the new DP's will be available by this summer.

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