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Re: Nice camera (pending reviews) needs lenses

BJN wrote:

The problem with the EM is that the bulk of the fully functional lenses for it aren't water resistant, so it's only a robust camera with the 12-50 lens or perhaps with a less functional Four Thirds lens assuming the adapter has sealing. There will probably be more lenses over time, but will there ever be a full line of comparable spec lenses?

When the E-P1 came out, there was a really slow 14-42 kit lens and a 17mm f2.8 pancake. Don't worry, more lenses will come. Olympus knows this and will deliver at least some fast, sealed primes and probably a replacement 40-150 with sealing to go with this camera.

A better built camera is a plus in any case. But my main disappointment with the camera's design is the limited range of motion for the LCD. I've really come to value an articulating display to expand shooting options above and below eye-level. I also frequently frame images vertically.

This is my grief as well, how to frame portrait shots over head? Well, I guess I will have to do as I do now, stick in sequential drive mode and shoot while waving the camera about a bit Usually I get some interesting shots like that...

I'm interested in the camera, but I'll be happy to wait and see how the camera lives up to all the promises as tested by competent reviewers. Frankly, I find the OM styling annoying because the small format sensor can never fully deliver on that system's legacy.

Why not? Even Panasonic sensors today deliver cleaner pictures with more DR and far better colors than any film ever did. I guess nostalgia isn't what it used to be either

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